nullcon HackIM – 2017 – Crypto 2

Here is how to resolve the challenge “Breaking Bad Key Exchange” provided, during a CTF, by nullcon HackIM in February 2017:

nullcon HackIM – 2017 – cryptopuzzle2

Hint 1 : in the range (1 to g*q), there are couple of pairs yielding common secrete as 399.
Hint 2 : ‘a’ and ‘b’ both are less than 1000

Flag Format: flag{a,b}

First, write down the information you got:



g^a mod p=298 -> a?

g^b mod q=330 -> b ?

g^ab mod q=339 -> a,b?

It will be interesting to resolve the unknown variables in both equations and get all possible values. To do this, I used the second hint and I wrote a Python script like this:

# init

# get the unknown values a and b
# range(0,1000) because of hint 2
for x in range(0,1000):
 if pow(g,x)%q==298:
  print "a ="+str(x)
 if pow(g,x)%q==330:
  print "b ="+str(x)

# check the values found a and b
# with the third equation
for y in res_a:
 for z in res_b:
  if pow(pow(g,y),z)%q==399:
  #if pow(g,(y*z))%q=399:
   print "a = "+str(y)+" b = "+str(z)

The result was:

a = 170 b = 268
a = 170 b = 808
a = 710 b = 268
a = 710 b = 808

The flag was ” flag{170,808} “. (+ 350 points!)

Do not hesitate to leave me comments! 🙂


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